What Are Some Good Dog Breeds for Women?


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Good dog breeds for women include the greyhound, boxer, Chihuahua and labradoodle. Greyhounds are calm, sweet-natured and accustomed to being unattended for long periods. They are also social and enjoy being with people and other dogs. Most get along well with cats, making them an easy mix into a household. Because of their docile dispositions, they are easier to control than most larger breeds, and their need for exercise makes them good walking companions.

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Boxers are fiercely loyal with steady dispositions. Their even temperaments make them easier to handle than bully breeds, although their size and devotion can still offer protection. Boxers are intelligent and crave attention and affection. Obedience training is important to prevent unwanted or destructive behavior.

Because of their small, compact size, Chihuahuas are the ideal take-along dog. They thrive on constant attention and petting and love to be held and cuddled. Chihuahuas are easy to please and return affection with loyalty and steady companionship.

Labradoodles are an ideal dog for active single women. They are outgoing and confident with happy-go-lucky dispositions and are typically gentle and non-aggressive, which can make them easier to manage. They are also smart, social and eager to please. Labradoodles are hypoallergenic and the perfect pet for women who suffer from allergies.

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