What Is a Good Diet for Cats With Pancreatitis?


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An ideal diet for cats with pancreatitis is canned and consists of moderate fat levels, indicates PetMD. Protein should come from varied sources or be hypoallergenic, and the food should be easily digestible.

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Since many felines with pancreatitis simultaneously contend with liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease, it is important to provide diets that meet those health problems as well, states PetMD. Several companies that specialize in food that adheres to these restrictions, so pet owners can let their cats sample different types until finding a food they like. It is critical that a cat with pancreastitis continues to be nourished, so a less optimal diet is better than no diet at all.

If a cat refuses to eat anything at all, it may need a feeding tube, according to PetMD. When it is apparent that a long-term solution is needed, veterinarians often use an esophagostomy tube. Esophagostomy tubes are surgically connected to the esophagus, so that even if a cat does not like the taste of an optimum diet, she can get it through the tube. For situations in which the car may only need a tube for several days, a nasogastric tube may be the best option. Veterinarians insert nasogastric tubes through the nose into the stomach or esophagus.

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