What Are Some Good Characteristics of Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix Puppies?

Rottweiler and German shepherd mixed-breed dogs tend to be agile, quick and very strong. Their powerful legs and paws enable them to be very active for long periods of time, and they often posses the German shepherd's desire to please its owners.

Rottweilers and German shepherds are each a dominant breed of dog. With proper training and an owner who establishes dominance early, a Rotweiller and German Shepherd mix can be a very loyal pet with protective instincts and a pleasant personality. Early training helps to reduce or eliminate any possible behavioral problems common with each breed.

Because it is a mixed breed, it is difficult to know what breed characteristics one specific dog may have. By beginning training when the dog is a puppy, the owner can establish a trusting relationship with the dog and encourage good behavior before it is too large to know its own strength. Both breeds have a negative reputation for being aggressive, but with proper training, this is rarely an issue.

The Rottweiller and German shepherd mix is very large and very active. Therefore, it needs regular daily exercise to maintain proper health and expel excess energy. It is important to ensure the health and happiness of the animal because a healthy and happy dog is less inclined to become restless and aggressive.