What Are Some Good Cat Treadmill Wheels?


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Good cat exercise wheels to keep your indoor cat fit include the One Fast Cat and Go Cat wheels. Both 48-inch diameter wheels feature a similar open design, require assembly and come in a variety of colors.

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One Fast Cat makes its exercise wheel from recycled plastics and shock-absorbing polymers that prevent your cat's claws from sticking into the wheel's tread. The wheel rests on a simple and light black base with four rollers, which makes the unit easy to move around your home and simple to clean with an outdoor hose. The One Fast Cat wheel features replaceable treads for long-lasting use. Tread color options include black, blue, red and green.

The Go Cat wheel features an enclosed white fiberboard base and a plastic wheel with a textured vinyl tread. The wheel exterior comes in red, blue, green and yellow. The wheel rests on four spring-loaded horizontal rollers that remain sturdy even at high speeds, ensuring your cat can exercise without interruption. Clean the wheel with household cleaner, alcohol or sanitized wipes.

Both wheels feature an open design that allows cats to enter from either side, and both ship with the wheel divided into sections, requiring some assembly before use.

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