What Are Some Good Building Plans for a Cat Enclosure?


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Good outdoor enclosures for cats include temporary play structures, window boxes and permanent outdoor enclosures. The most common type of cat enclosure is a simple wood frame covered in screen or wire fencing.

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An outdoor enclosure for cats allows them to enjoy being outside while remaining safe from cars, predators and other hazards. A simple window box design allows a cat to get fresh air and sunshine, while a larger enclosure encourages exercise and exploration.

Catio Spaces has several design plans for outdoor cat enclosures, including two designs for three-sided enclosures that attach to a house and one freestanding enclosure that attaches to the house via a cat tunnel. A freestanding enclosure without a tunnel is also an option, but the owner must transport the cat to the outdoor enclosure in the safety of a cat carrier or on a leash.

Designing a custom outdoor cat enclosure allows for the structure to be tailored to the needs of the individual cat and the space available. A shy cat who likes to hide may appreciate boxes or solid panels. Most cats like shelves and ramps that allow them to use the full height of the enclosure. Placement of the enclosures can be on the ground or on an existing patio or deck. If the enclosure doesn't provide access to the house, the enclosure must include litter box accommodations.

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