Which Are Some Good Breeds of Timber Wolf Puppies?


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Timber wolves are wild animals and there is, as of 2015, no such thing as a breed of pure timber wolf. However, there are breeds of wolfdogs, such as the wolamute, that use timber wolves as a base for wolf-like domesticated hybrids.

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Timber wolves are a subspecies of the common gray wolf. They are wild animals and have not been domesticated, never mind developed into breeds. Timber wolf puppy "breeds", such as the wolamute, are hybrid animals, not purebred timber wolves.

The most common hybrid breeds are timber wolf mixed with Malamute, husky, or German Shepherd. These hybrid breeds can produce happy and healthy animals that have a wolflike appearance and friendly behavior. However, wolfdogs can be difficult to train and are sometimes more agressive than other dogs towards other animals and people. Even a wolfdog of a "good" breed can become dangerous if their wolf instincts are ignored.

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