What Are Some Good Boy Hamster Names?


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Registered Veterinary Technician Adrienne Kruzer for About.com lists boy hamster names that include: Rambo, Peanut, Duke, Stitch, Max, Kujo, Freddie, Chomper, Einstein, Levi, Scooby, Morgan, Gnocchi and Patch. She includes creative names, such as: Shredder, Uzi, Vito, Zander, Beastie, Dinky, Chewy and Flash.

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Great names for male hamsters are endless. Additional names include: Dusty, Gus, Elephant, Hoppy, Leo, Pepperoni, Ranger, Harvey, Scrumpy, T-Bone, Pickle, Junior and Alfie. Other popular names include: Homer, Cosmo, Nugget, Houdini, Tater and Whiskers.

Kruzer explains that hamsters are very popular as pets due to their small size and cute features. Many considerations should be kept in mind when keeping one or more pet hamsters. Some breeds of hamster make better pets than others, and certain hamster species must not be kept together or they can become violent towards one another and possibly even cannibalize each other.

Kruzer advises getting hamsters at a young age, as this provides more control over how the hamster behaves when it is an adult. Hamsters that are not well socialized are prone to biting their human handlers. Pet owners must do their best to pick hamsters of the same sex in order to avoid mating and reproduction problems. Kruzer warns that hamster breeding should be left to the professionals.

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