What Are Some Good Facts About the American Bald Eagle?


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Some facts about the American bald eagle are that it's the national bird, the symbol of the United States and almost became extinct. This was due to hunting and the use of DDT.

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What Are Some Good Facts About the American Bald Eagle?
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DDT made the shells of the bald eagle's eggs so thin that they would break when the parent bird tried to incubate them. Thanks to conservation efforts, its numbers have risen to healthier levels as of 2015.

The bald eagle is a carnivore and eats fish, other birds and small mammals. However, it is capable of stealing or scavenging the kills of other animals. Benjamin Franklin found this cowardly and argued against the bird becoming the icon of the United States.

Bald eagles are very large birds with a wingspan that can range from 70 to just over 90 inches. They are lighter than they appear, and the average weight is a bit less than 10 pounds. This is because their bones are hollow to allow for flight. The eagle's feathers weigh more than its skeleton.

Bald eagle nests can be huge, and both the male and female help to build it. The female usually lays one to three eggs. The eggs are incubated by both parents, and the chicks are fed by both parents, though the female does most of the work. The female is also larger than the male.

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