What Is a Golden Wonder Killifish?


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The Golden Wonder killifish, also known as the striped panchax, is a species of freshwater fish popular with aquarium owners thanks to its bright coloring. Requiring minimal care, able to survive in a variety of water conditions and easy to breed, the Golden Wonder killifish can live for as long as four years in captivity.

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A fully matured Golden Wonder killifish grows to around 4 inches in length. The males of this species are more vividly colored than the females and have bright yellow or gold spots running along the length of their bodies. Males may also have red highlights on their fins; females are considerably less vibrant. Killifish have large mouths that enable them to swallow smaller fish with ease and are sometimes aggressive to members of their own species.

The first part of their name, "killi," is derived from the Dutch word for a "ditch" or "small creek" as wild varieties are most often found in such waters. In captivity, Golden Wonder killifish can be fed a variety of live and dry food; however, according to FishandTips, their colors are more vibrant if they are fed live food. In the wild, the killifsh's diet consists largely of mosquito larvae. As a result, the fish are used to help control the mosquito populations in countries around the globe, particularly India.

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