What Is a Golden Tree Frog?


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The golden tree frog is a small, nocturnal frog that is native to Southeast Asia. It's a common frog that can have golden coloration or be several shades of brown with patterns of stripes and spots. The golden tree frog can change its coloration depending upon its surroundings and the time of day.

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What Is a Golden Tree Frog?
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The golden tree frog lives in wet places such as ponds, streams and marshes but can also live in dry tropical forests, suburbs and even in cities where there's access to water.

The male golden tree frog is smaller than the female. He is usually about 2 inches long, while she's about 3 inches long. Some populations of the frog breed all year round, while others only breed during the rainy season. The males congregate around sluggish or still bodies of water and call for mates. After mating, the female lays between 100 and 400 eggs in a foam nest that's built above the water in a support of vegetation. This gives the frog its other name, "foam-nest frog." When the tadpoles hatch, they drop into the water below. The tadpoles are omnivorous and even cannibalistic. It takes about 7 weeks for them to metamorphose into frogs.

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