What Are Some Golden Retriever Grooming Tips?


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Well-groomed golden retrievers should get frequent brushing, baths, haircuts and pedicures but should never be shaved. Because golden retrievers have a double coat that sheds significantly during the spring and summer, the best way to reduce shedding is to regularly brush the retriever's coat with a bristle brush or an undercoat rake regularly. This also keeps the dog cooler during hot weather.

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What Are Some Golden Retriever Grooming Tips?
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Golden retrievers also should be washed regularly. It is important to note that golden retrievers should never be shaved, as this may lead to skin problems and infections. The hair can be cut shorter around the feet, inside the ears and along the tail; however, it is important not to cut the hair too short. The hair around the feet should be even with the footpads. Cutting the nails of a golden retriever is also important as long nails could cause the foot to splay out unnaturally, causing complications when the dog runs or walks. It is best to cut the tip of the toenails and avoid cutting the quick of the nail. Cutting the nail too far down may lead to bleeding. If bleeding does occur, use styptic powder to stop the bleeding quickly. It is a good idea to get into the habit of trimming a small portion of the toenails every week.

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