Do Golden Doodles Shed?

golden-doodles-shed Credit: Brooke Anderson Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

Goldendoodles are hybrids between golden retrievers and poodles and may inherit either the non-shedding coat of the poodle or the shedding coat of the golden retriever. Second-generation goldendoodles produced by crossing a first-generation golden retriever and poodle cross with a poodle are more likely to have non-shedding coats.

Even within the same litter of goldendoodles, some puppies may have shedding coats and some may not. Puppies produced by crossbreeding between two pure breeds can inherit any combination of traits from the parent breeds, so puppies bred on the same cross can vary considerably even within the same litter. Regardless of coat, goldendoodles have a reputation as intelligent, easily trained dogs that are good choices for families.