How Do I Give a Schnauzer a Haircut?

How Do I Give a Schnauzer a Haircut?

To give a Schnauzer a haircut, clip the hair along the dog's back and flanks, brush and trim the legs, clip the throat and chest, clip the face and ears, and shape the eyebrows and beard with scissors. This 45-minute process requires clippers, a comb and scissors.

  1. Clip the back and flanks

    Set the dog on a flat surface, and stand on one side. Turn on the clippers, lower them to the base of the skull, and run them over the back of the dog. Stop at the base of the tail, and return the clippers to the base of the skull. Make parallel passes along the back and flanks until you reach the elbows.

  2. Brush and trim the front legs

    Brush the leg hair upward, and smooth it down to expose uneven areas. Clip the sides of the legs only. If isolated rogue hairs remain, snip them with scissors. Leave the leg hair as long as possible so the front legs look like tubes.

  3. Clip the back legs and tail

    Brush the hair on the back legs upward. Trim the feet and hocks, and clip the back of both legs, following the natural line of the body. Clip the tail hair very close to the skin.

  4. Clip the neck, chest and face

    Stand in front of the dog. Set the clippers at the base of the neck, and clip down to the chest. Repeat on the remaining neck and chest hair. Raise the head, and clip the hair under the chin with upward strokes. Use the same technique on the sides of the head, and then pull the clippers down from the back of the head to the eyebrows.

  5. Shape the ears, eyebrows and beard

    Run the clippers over both sides of the ears, and neaten the perimeters with scissors. Comb the eyebrows down over the eyes, and trim them at a downward angle so that the outer hairs are the longest. Comb the beard, and trim it straight across. Keep the beard as long as possible.