How Do I Give My Dog an Intramuscular Injection?

Give a dog an intramuscular injection by locating the injection site, swabbing the area with alcohol, inserting the needle into the muscle and pushing the syringe plunger to inject the medicine into the muscle, states Cold River Veterinary Center. Once the needle is inserted into the muscle, pull back slightly on the syringe. If blood comes back into the syringe, the needle hit a vein, and the needle must be removed. Administering a medication designed for intramuscular injections into the bloodstream may cause a severe allergic reaction.

Washington State University recommends using one of three injection sites. It is possible to give a dog an intramuscular injection in the tricep muscle above the front leg, in the quadricep muscle in the dog’s rear leg, or in the dorsal lumbar muscles next to the spine near the dog’s hips, according to Washington State University. Ask the veterinarian how to find the injection site and give an injection before attempting the procedure, advises WebMD.

Since dogs may move during the injection, Cold River Veterinary Center recommends having an assistant hold the dog while another person gives the injection. After injecting the medication, massage the injection site to help disperse the medication. In addition, document each injection, and monitor the dog for any adverse reactions to the medication.