How Do You Give a Chinchilla a Dust Bath?


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As desert creatures, chinchillas need regular dust baths with approved types of dust to be healthy and well-groomed. You need a shallow bowl, the right time of day and safe products to provide a good dust bath.

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  1. Purchase chinchilla dust

    Do not use just any dust. Check with online pet suppliers or local pet retailers for products specifically marketed as chinchilla dust, chinchilla bath or chinchilla dry bath. These products are clean and of the right consistency for an effective bath. Do not use sand.

  2. Find the right dust bath container

    The only requirement for the dust bath container is that your chinchilla can fit in it comfortably with a little room to move around. Alternatively, you can buy chinchilla baths that range from simple stainless steel dishes to adorable patterned ceramic pieces.

  3. Set out the container when your chinchilla is active

    Put a couple of tablespoons of fresh dust into the dust bath container. Place the container in your chinchilla's habitat in the evening when it is active but has already finished eating. Leave your chinchilla in the bath only until it is finished; if it is left in longer, your pet could soil the container and leftover dust.

  4. Repeat regularly, changing dust as needed

    Dust is changed whenever it is soiled, and at least once a week. It is okay to reuse dust that still looks clean and powdery. Offer the dust bath two to four times a week to keep your chinchilla clean, happy and healthy.

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