How Do You Give a Cat a Pill?

How Do You Give a Cat a Pill?

To give a cat a pill, use pill treats or a cat food meatball. If the cat must take the pill on an empty stomach, wrap the cat in a towel, open the cat’s mouth by pressing on the jaw, and place the pill in the cat’s mouth.

  1. Put the pill in a treat

    The easiest way to give a cat a pill is to put the pill in a special treat designed to hold pills. Alternatively, roll soft cat food into a meatball, and put the pill in the meatball.

  2. Wrap the cat in a towel

    For pills that must be consumed on an empty stomach, wrap a towel around the cat's body to restrain the limbs and prevent scratches. Hold the cat to keep him still.

  3. Open the cat’s mouth and administer the pill

    Use your thumb and forefinger to press on the sides of the cat’s jaw to open the mouth. Place the pill on the back of the tongue, then close the cat’s mouth.