What Are Some Girl Pet Names?


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Some girl pet names from PetNames.net include Adalie, Ginger, Rain, Yolonda and Pandora. Pet names of famous female pets include Smoky, Betsy and Lassie. Pet names can be a reflection of the animal's personality and the owner's taste, and can also differ depending on the type of pet.

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What Are Some Girl Pet Names?
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Dog names are a large category for female pet names. Classic female dog names include Beauty, Lady, Fluffy, Misty and Princess. Pet owners have used these names for generations, and they have a vintage, time-honored feel. For an edgy name for a dog, names inspired by pop culture like Mystique, Rogue, Mary Jane, Scarlet or Domino are appropriate choices. Other unique female dog names include Francisca, Volley, Posy, Merkle and Firefly.

Names of ancient gods are another option for female pet names. Athena, the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, would make a fun name for a cat, bird or other pet. More names of goddesses include Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love; Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt; Cerridwen, the Celtic goddess of the moon; and Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess. Naming a pet after a goddess is a unique way to show a love for a particular history or culture.

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