What Are Some Girl Hunting Dog Names?

girl-hunting-dog-names Credit: Ferran Pestaña/CC-BY-2.0

Some names for girl hunting dogs could include "Ammo," "Artemis," "Bailey" or "Buffy." More offbeat names might include "Banshee," "Klondike," "Kona," "Lady," "Pepper" or "Raven." Names for hunting dogs are often related to hunting terms, sports equipment stores, gun manufacturers or hunting commands. Multiple-syllable names are preferable to one-syllable names because they're easier for a dog to distinguish from other names when multiple hunting dogs are being used.

Some breeds of dog make better hunters than others due to many generations of selective breeding for hunting traits. The English Pointer, English Setter, Hungarian Vizsla and the German Wirehaired Pointer all make excellent bird-hunting dogs, as does the Brittany Spaniel. Golden and Labrador Retrievers have also proven to be adept hunters. In terms of bringing back game that has been shot down, Labrador Retrievers perform exceedingly well. Labradors have been bred over generations to instinctively want to retrieve game. In addition, their coats are effectively waterproof, and they are well-insulated against cold and damp settings. For tracking down prey, scent hounds are very useful. Examples of well-bred scent hounds include the Blackmouth Cur, the Bluetick Hound, the Redbone Coonhound and the Beagle. Beagles have some of the keenest noses in the species, a trait that has led them to be used in law enforcement as drug sniffing dogs and makes them exceptional hunters.