What Does the Giant Squid Eat?

The giant squid eats other sea creatures including fish. Giant squid are also known to eat other squid, although not of the same species.

Giant squid catch their prey in their tentacles and break it down with their beak. Their tongue-like organ, also known as a radula, breaks the food down into even smaller pieces, making it easier to digest.

Giant squid are elusive sea creatures due to their preference for hiding in some of the deepest parts of the ocean. Until the early 2000s, little was known about these mysterious squid since the majority studied were those that washed up on shore after death. With giant squid sometimes reaching a massive size of 59 feet in length, they are able to avoid most predators.

Their carcasses have been found on continental and island slopes in all the world's oceans. They are rare in tropical and polar waters. Giant squid lay eggs upon sexual maturity at the approximate age of 3 years. Little is known about their breeding habits due to the difficulty of obtaining a live specimen for observation.

A member of the mollusk phylum, the giant squid grows as long as 43 feet. They are very fast, able to propel themselves through water at 20 mph. Though they have very large eyes reaching almost 1 foot in diameter, giant squid use organs called statocysts to navigate.