How Do Giant Pandas Protect Themselves?

Giant pandas protect themselves during confrontations by using their physical strength and biting ability. They possess large molars and strong jaw muscles that can produce a severe bite if provoked. Giant pandas also protect themselves by climbing high in trees if they sense a predator in the vicinity.

Giant pandas are naturally peaceful and tend to avoid confrontations, but they certainly fight back when there is no other option. They express aggression by staring directly in the eyes of their enemies while keeping a solid stance. Giant pandas also use their massive physical strength to swat at their opponents. The snow leopard is a common enemy of the giant panda. Snow leopards prey on baby panda cubs but do not typically attack if the mother is present, due to the fact that mother pandas are quite aggressive when defending their young.

Giant pandas are considered an endangered species. While they can protect themselves when necessary, the biggest threat to giant pandas is the human population. This is due to the fact that poachers and illegal hunting practices are causing the giant pandas to slowly die off. Pandas are slowly losing their habitats as well. Forests in which pandas reside are rapidly disappearing, as large areas of land have been cleared for agricultural projects.