What Are Some Facts About the Giant Maso Mastiff?

According to pet website Pet Your Dog, the Giant Maso Mastiff is a recent and still developing cross breed consisting of the Old English Mastiff and the Cane Corso Italiano. Breeding began in 2001 with the intention of developing a breed with the size and demeanor of the Old English Mastiff and the intelligence, maternal and protective instincts and musculature of the Cane Corso Italiano.

The Giant Maso Mastiff is at least 75 percent Old English Mastiff, which gives the newer breed a similar appearance to the Old English Mastiff, as well as its temperament. It has a shiny coat, and may be fawn, grey, black, apricot, brindle and reverse brindle in color. Giant Maso Mastiffs range in height from 27 to 30 inches and weigh between 130 and 200 pounds, though females tend to be a bit smaller (in height and weight) than males.

The Giant Maso Mastiff is a self-confident, patient and watchful dog with a gentle disposition, often only barking in defense of its family and territory. Easy to care for, the Giant Maso thrives on companionship and is eager to please its owners. Though they are large, they need only a moderate amount of space and exercise, and are very family friendly.