Do Geckos Help With Pest Control?

Geckos are beneficial predators of insects and can be used as a natural way of reducing harmful or nuisance insects, such as cockroaches, termites, moths, ants and mosquitoes. They consume live things that are smaller than them and are naturally easy to overpower. Geckos may be seen eating arthropods as well, such as spiders, small scorpions and centipedes.

Most geckos feed on insects though some geckos living in the wild may also consume moss and other small plants. In the wild, they eat crickets and grasshoppers. Asian and Mediterranean house geckos are not aggressive by nature and as nocturnal lizards usually hunt for food at night. They have claws and sticky pads that allow them to climb and hang onto walls, ceilings, trees and other structures while they wait for their prey. House geckos hang around lighted areas because they usually prey on insects attracted to the light.

Not all geckos are beneficial for pest control. The tokay gecko, a large Southeast Asian gecko with bright markings, can be quite aggressive. While it also feeds on insects, a tokay gecko can also consume smaller animals and bite people. House geckos may also be considered as pests, especially if their droppings stain walls, rugs, carpets and furniture in residential homes.