Where Do Gazelles Live?


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Gazelles live in parts of Asia and East Africa, including southern Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya. Gazelles, like many hoofed mammals, live in areas with vast, flat plains and plateaus. These habitats provide the food upon which gazelles feed, and allow them to spot predators from far away, leaving time for them to escape.

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Gazelles belong to the family of antelopes, and are relatively small. As adults, they reach heights of approximately 20 to 40 inches at the shoulder, and weigh between 25 and 165 lbs. There are nearly 20 species of gazelle that exist in the world, and they prefer slightly different environments.

In addition to species type, climate and seasonal weather play a role in gazelles' living areas. They generally live in herds, which range in size from around a dozen to more than 100 animals. During the rainy season, herd sizes typically increase, and gazelles spend their time grazing on the abundance of grass, shoots and leaves in plains and flatlands. Drier weather brings a scarcity of water and food, however, which prompts gazelles to roam elsewhere. They might relocate to mountainous areas, low-lying bushes in Africa and even deserts.

Like many animals, gazelles face the risk of predation from some animals, but have adaptations for defense. Gazelles have long, powerful legs that propel them to speeds up to 40 miles per hour. They can also leap and run in erratic patterns to escape lions, tigers and other predators.

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