What Are Some Funny Names for a Pet Snake?

Funny names for snakes often contrast their reputation as frightening, sinister creatures, or are otherwise ironic. Funny snake names can reference famous people, animals or a particular characteristic and include Jake, Charming, Cuddles and Spaghetti.

One popular option is to call your snake Jake or Jake the Snake in reference to the famous wrestler from the 1980s who often performed with snakes in the ring. The rhyme also offers a comical touch. Naming a snake Charmer or Charming alludes to the exotic art of snake charming, while also showing affection for the snake itself. A name like Cuddles or Snuggles works best for pythons or other snakes who are known for wrapping themselves around prey, as they are a tongue in cheek reference to a normally threatening behavior. If the snake is a royal python, naming the animal after a famous monarch is a clever choice. Names like Henry VIII, Louis XIV or Elizabeth I, or a more obscure royal of your choice are fun options, especially for history buffs. Other funny names for snakes refer to their shape, and include Noodles, Spaghetti, Squiggle, Slip and Worm. Some refer to their pet snakes by names of other animals. Naming a snake Dog or Cat will certainly attract attention.