What Are Some Funny Names for a Cat?


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Boss, Grumpy Cat, Puss in Boots, Porkchop, Myrtle, Kitty Purry and Miss Kitty are some funny cat names listed by Find Cat Names, though there are plenty of others. Find Cat Names advises that a funny cat name can be a word that is humorous on its own, like Bacon, or the fun can come from an ironic choice of a name, such as Big Guy for a small cat or Monster for a shy one.

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Find Cat Names has long lists of funny cat names for both male cats and female cats. Some funny cat name suggestions for male cats are Bubba, Chuck Norris, Cookie Monster, Dude, Macgyver, Taco, E.T. and Hobbit. For female cats, some funny name suggestions include Cupcake, Chi Chi, Jellybean, Peanut Butter, Diva, Tinkerbell, Waffles, Xena and Nessie. Some of the names, such as Elf, Tiger and Oreo, appear on both lists and are suitable for either gender.

PetMD advises that a good way to find a funny and unique name for a cat is to think outside the box. The site suggests looking at your favorite foods or artists for inspiration, or even throwing a crazy cat naming party. A funny and unique cat name is a great conversation starter.

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