What Are Some Funny Male Dog Names?

funny-male-dog-names Credit: Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

"Peanut Wigglebutt," "Sir Hog Knucklehead," "Otto Von Longdog," "My Buckaroo Buddy," "Sir Bubba Grunt," "Zippity Do Dawg," "Bacon Bite," "Brutus Pancakes" and "Chief Tator Tot" are among some of the wackiest male dog names, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance. Though a funny dog name is perfect for generating laughter, it may not be the best idea for a dog for several reasons. Giving a dog a long name may be funny, but it might be too difficult for the dog to comprehend.

Dogs can typically understand one or two-syllable names better than longer ones. So giving a dog a name like "Cookie" might be easier for a dog to understand than giving him a name like "Sir Hog Knucklehead."

Because a dog owner inevitably shortens his dog's name anyway, he might first want to consider if the name he is giving the dog has the desired effect for which he is hoping. For example, if he were to call his dog "Otto Von Longdog," he'd probably just call the dog "Otto" anyway.

Dogs respond better to names that end in a long vowel sound. Names such as "Skippy," "Lucky" or "Oreo" are just a few examples of these particular names.