What Are Some Funny Dinosaur Names?

What Are Some Funny Dinosaur Names?

Drinker, Gasosaurus, Irritator, Yamaceratops and Bambiraptor are examples of some of the funniest dinosaur names. Dinosaurs often receive their names after Greek or Latin words that describe physical characteristics. In other instances, dinosaur species are named for the person who discovered them or the location in which their remains were first found.

Drinker was a tiny dinosaur named after paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope, who discovered the species in the swamps of northern Africa.

Gasosaurus did not receive its name for the reason some might assume. The dinosaur itself is not believed to be any more or less gassy than any other dinosaur. The predator was named by a Chinese gas company's employees, who accidentally discovered the dinosaur's remains.

Irritator received its name when a disgruntled paleontologist was forced to chip away plaster from the beast's skull that an amateur had placed there. Irritator, which is a relative of Spinosaurus, is not believed to be especially irritating when alive.

The Yamaceratops has nothing to do with sweet potatoes. It actually was named after Buddhist god Yama. The Yamaceratops lived in Asia millions of years before Triceratops, a descendant of Yamaceratops native to North America.

Despite being a fierce creature, Bambiraptor received its name after it was accidentally discovered by a 14-year-old boy in Montana.