What Are Some Funny Animal Facts?


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One funny animal fact is that some turtles can breathe through their cloacal bursae, or butts, the same place where they urinate, excrete and lay eggs. Another funny fact is that a penguin in Scotland was given the prestigious honor of knighthood in 2008, making him the first penguin knight in the country.

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Some turtles, including the North American eastern painted turtle and the Australian Fitzroy, breathe through their butts. Studies stated that the turtles' hard and flattened shells made breathing through their lungs harder. Although they can breathe through their mouths, the Australian Fitzroy and the North American eastern painted turtle use the sacs near their butts to take in more oxygen for more efficient breathing.

Another funny fact is that Nils, a king penguin residing in Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland, became the first ever penguin knight. Named after the then king of Norway, Nils became the mascot for the Norwegian guard in 1972. Since then, the penguin has risen through the ranks, from a Corporal in 1982 to a Colonel-in-Chief in 2005. In 2008, upon the approval of King Harald V, Nils was appointed a knight in front of several hundred people. A 4-foot bronze statue of Nils stands in front of the penguin enclosure of the zoo.

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