What Is the Function of Pyloric Caeca in Starfish?

The function of pyloric caeca in starfish is to secrete enzymes that help digest food. The pyloric caeca is part of the starfish's digestive system, which also includes the pyloric ducts, pyloric stomach and cardiac stomach.

Starfish are also called sea stars. They are not fish but are animals from the echinoderms group. They only live in seawater. The outer layers of sea stars are hard and can be colored in ways that protect starfish from predators. Sand dollars and sea urchins are animals related to starfish. Commonly, sea stars have five arms or rays, but there are species with 10, 20 or 40 arms. Sea stars can regenerate their bodies when most of their limbs or even the central body are missing.

Sea stars have their mouths on their aboral surface, while the anus is found at the center of the oral surface. Starfish are carnivores. The peculiarity of sea stars' eating process is that they extend their stomachs out of the body and can even digest their prey without swallowing. Also on the aboral surface is a porous plate where water enters the body of a starfish. Sea stars use the pressure created by the water inside their arms for motion.