What Are Some Fun Trivia Facts About Puppies for Kids?

What Are Some Fun Trivia Facts About Puppies for Kids?

Puppies, also called pups or whelps, are born deaf, blind and toothless. They don’t open their eyes or begin to hear until they are nine to 12 days old.

During the first week of life, puppies spend up to 90 percent of the day sleeping and cuddling close to their siblings. When they are not sleeping, they spend the remaining 10 percent of their day eating. Puppies need to eat around five small meals a day until they get older.

Puppies can't smell anything until they are about three weeks old. They are very sensitive to scents and can smell 1000 times better than a human being.

Puppies grow very quickly, with smaller breeds growing faster than larger ones. As they grow, their teeth develop. Puppies need to chew to ease the pain of cutting teeth. When they first begin to walk, bigger breeds are often very clumsy due to their large, oversized paws and long legs.

Puppies are typically ready to be transferred to their "forever" homes at around the age of seven to 12 weeks. When they turn 1 year old, they are no longer puppies but are considered to be adults, with an age equivalent of a 15-year-old.