What Are Some Fun Tiger Shark Facts for Kids?


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Tiger sharks live in warm water, can grow to be more than 16 feet long and eat a wide range of food. For instance, tiger sharks aren't picky about their meals, eating birds and sea turtles or dolphins.

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The tiger shark gets its name from the dark strips on its hide. However, as it matures, the distinctive stripes tend to fade a little. Adult tiger sharks generally grow to between 10 and 14 feet long and weigh up to 1,400 pounds; they can live up to 50 years. Along with its vertical stripes, the tiger shark is characterized by its large, blunt nose.

The tiger shark feeds on a variety of food, aided by its serrated, sharp teeth. Its powerful jaws can crack the tough shells of turtles. Although it usually eats other living organisms, it also swallows non-food items such as tires and metal. It has even been known to attack humans and is the second most-likely species of shark to be man-eaters.

Tiger sharks live in the warm, tropical waters around the equator in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans; they exist off both coasts of North and South America, Africa, Australia and in the waters of Southeast Asia.

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