What Are Some Fun Things to Do With Your Dog?

fun-things-dog Credit: Images by Victoria J Baxter/Moment/Getty Images

Playing tug-of-war is a fun game that allows the dog and owner to get some physical activity, and it fosters healthy aggression in the animal. Other fun activities are playing fetch for exercise and hiding treats in interactive toys.

Playing tug-of-war is a healthy way to nurture a dog's predatory nature. There is debate over whether playing this game fosters dominant behavior, but the dog also should learn a release command. Mild growling isn't a red flag, but taking a break is necessary if the dog becomes overly aggressive. Allowing the dog to win instills confidence in the animal. This game requires some space, and there should be no fragile items or other distractions nearby. Playing outdoors is good option.

Choosing the right toy is important when playing fetch with a dog. Owners should use objects that the animal normally enjoys, such as a tennis ball or stick. Owners can switch toys to see which one the animal prefers. If a Frisbee is used, the dog shouldn't be forced to jump too high as it might cause injury. If the dog refuses to let go of the toy, the owner should command that the animal drop it immediately, then follow with a treat. The game can be more challenging if the object is thrown uphill or upstairs. This forces the dog to work harder to catch it.

Another fun activity is to hide a treat inside a toy so the dog learns how to find the treat.