What Are Some Fun Swordfish Facts for Kids?

Swordfish have bills that are shaped like swords and can swim at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour. They swallow their food whole because they have no teeth, are agile swimmers and migrate every year.

Swordfish can grow to be 5 to 8 feet long. Their long bills are fascinating to look at and help swordfish swim easier by breaking up water flow as the swordfish moves.

These fish are typically found in shallow water but may swim at depths of more than 1,800 feet. They have special tissue near their eyes that helps warm their brains, allowing them to navigate in cold, deep water.

Swordfish also use their bills to help break up schools of fish so they can catch and eat them more easily. They eat squid and deep-sea fish and occasionally crustaceans. Because they have no teeth, swordfish use their sword-shaped bills to slash large prey into smaller pieces so they can eat them.

Swordfish cannot swim for long periods of time without becoming tired. To avoid becoming exhausted while they migrate, they move with the currents to help conserve energy. Swordfish migrate to cooler waters during the summer and warmer waters during the winter.

Unlike many animal species, the female is larger than the male.