What Are Some Fun Facts About Pigs for Kids?

Pigs are highly intelligent, social animals, and facts about the way they eat and how they behave can be both informative and entertaining to children. For example, pigs are capable of playing video games with joystick controls, according to a professor at Penn State University.

Pigs don't actually eat greedily, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reports; they prefer to slowly eat and savor food. It is also not possible to "sweat like a pig," because pigs are incapable of sweating. In order to keep cool, they bathe in water or mud and actually seem to prefer water. One pig owner developed a shower for pigs to use, and they worked out how to turn it off and on by themselves.

Pigs like to sleep close to other pigs, and they prefer sleeping nose to nose if possible, notes PETA. They dream, just like humans. Also similar to people, they enjoy listening to music, playing soccer and receiving massages. Pigs live on every continent except Antarctica, and they were the first animals domesticated by humans.

Pigs are curious and smarter than average 3-year-old children, dogs and some primates, explains OneKind, an animal advocacy organization in the United Kingdom.

Priscilla the pig is in the Texas Pet Hall of Fame after saving a boy who weighed twice her body weight from drowning in 1984. As of 2015, she is the only pig on the hall of fame list and was the winner of the Hero category.