What Are Some Fun Lion Facts for Kids?


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Fun facts about lions include that they are the second largest cat species, they live in a pride and lionesses are the best hunters. Lions live for about 12 years and they can run up to 50 mph. Lions have loud roars that can be heard five miles away.

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What Are Some Fun Lion Facts for Kids?
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The lions with the darkest manes are the ones most likely to attract females. Most wild lions live in the eastern and southern parts of Africa and have shorter life spans as compared to their counterparts in zoos across Europe and America. The heaviest lion ever weighed was 826 pounds. There are several countries that use lions as their national animal. Among these countries are Singapore, England, Belgium, Albania, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Ethiopia and the Netherlands, according to Science Kids.

When in the wild, lions spend most of their days (20 hours) resting and spend only a few hours hunting for prey. They eat meat and prefer hunting at night as a unit. The food is shared among the members of the pride.The lion is the leader of the pride and does the least work when compared to the lionesses. A lion is often known by the nickname of "King of the Jungle."

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