What are some fun insect facts for kids?


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Basic, fun insect facts for kids include the vast number of both individuals and species that inhabit the planet, as well as an insect's unusual anatomy, life cycle and social life. Kids should also be able to tell the difference between insects and similar small creatures, such as spiders.

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It is estimated that the number of insects inhabiting the planet is somewhere along the line of 6 to 10 million species. These insects, which are found in almost every part of the globe, all possess similar body structures that set them apart from other creatures, such as the presence of six legs. Insects also have three parts to their body, these being the head, abdomen and thorax, and are covered by a protective exoskeleton. They have two antennae on top of their heads and are cold-blooded.

Many insects, such as bees, ants and termites, live in colonies and have very intricate social lives. Ants, for example, create vast trail networks and communicate with each other by means of scent. The life cycle of insects follows the pattern of egg, larvae, pupa and adult. Many insects are excellent singers and produce sounds by different methods. Cicadas are among the loudest insects on the planet.

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