What Are Some Fun Facts on Gorillas for Children?


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Gorillas are primates and mammals, native to the forests of Africa. They are divided into two species, the western and eastern gorillas. They are a relative of humans, both being classified as primates.

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Gorillas live in tropical or subtropical environments. This means they prefer warmer environments, with lots of trees and canopies to live and build nests in. Gorillas construct nests to house their young, typically off the ground for protection from predators. Being mammals, they give birth to live young, then the mother breast feeds her babies until they are old enough to eat by themselves. Gorillas are predominately herbivores, so they eat leaves and fruits. Family appears to be very important to gorillas as they live in packs and take care of their young well into maturity. Gorillas show loving habits such as bathing each other.

Adult gorillas reach sizes of up to 6 feet tall, and weigh anywhere from 300 to 600, lbs. They appear almost human in the faces, with two arms and two legs, thick fur all over their bodies, broad chests and the ability to walk on two feet or four. Gorillas have sizable intelligence, with the ability to make things such as simple tools for finding food.

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