What Are Some Fun Games to Play With a Dog?


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Fun games to play with a dog include hide and seek, tug of war and stairway dash. Cleaning up can also become a game by rewarding the dog for placing its toys in a container.

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What Are Some Fun Games to Play With a Dog?
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To play hide and seek, the owner shows his dog an item, such as a toy, then puts the dog in another room. He hides the item, lets the dog out and says "Find it." He can give the dog hints to help it find the item. To add discipline to the game, the owner can tell his dog to stay, then go hide the object, and tell the dog to come. The owner should reward the dog with treats for completing the game.

To play tug of war, the owner gets a rope or a toy that can be pulled and gives one end to the dog. He takes the other end, and the two pull on their ends. Since this game brings out the dog's instincts, the owner must have full control over his dog before playing this game.

To play stairway dash, the owner tells the dog to stay, then throws a toy to the top of the stairs. He builds up the dog's anticipation by making it stay, then says "Go," and lets the dog run up the stairs to retrieve the toy. After several dashes, the dog should be tired. To avoid injury, this game should only be played if the dog's joints are fully developed.

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