What Are Some Fun Facts About the Fisher Cat?


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Fishing cats lure fish by tapping the water surface with their paws to mimic insect activity. Fishing cats are strong enough to take down and eat larger animals, including dogs and calves. Fishing cats have fur next to the skin that is so dense that water cannot seep through it.

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After tapping the water, fishing cats use their webbed paws to catch the fish. These predators also use their paws to scoop out fish and other creatures, and they hide in water to snatch aquatic birds. There has also been a report of fishing cats catching birds by grabbing their legs. Fishing cats also eat snails and snakes.

The cats scavenge by eating livestock and tiger kills. They are considered an endangered species due to hunting and habitat loss, but these animals learn to adapt to human conditions that include suburban areas. Their natural habitats are areas with vegetation, and they dwell in rivers, marshes and mangroves. Fishing cats live in parts of Southeast and South Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Burma.

Their coats act as a thermal blanket that protects them from frigid conditions. There is an additional layer of long hair that gives the animal its glossy shine, and they usually have spots or stripes on the body. Their tails are flat and banded, and they use their tails as a rudder when swimming.

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