What Are Some Fun Fish Names?


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Fun names for a pet fish include Fish Stick, Swedish Fish, Sushi, Bait and Flotsam. Use theme names for multiple fish, such as SpongeBob SquarePants-themed Bob and Patrick, or Little Mermaid-themed Flounder, Ariel and Sebastian.

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Give a pet fish fun water- and ocean-related names, such as Wave, Floater, Bubbles, Squirt or Aqua. Name a little fish after bigger sea creatures by using Sharky or Moby Dick. Food names make good fish names too. Try Fillet, Fish and Chips, or Fish Taco. Name a goldfish Crackers.

Water deity names from mythology work well for fish and other underwater pets. Neptune and Salacia, the Roman god and goddess of the sea, make good names for a pair of fish. Sirena is a mermaid in Phillipine mythology. The Hawaiian shark god is named Kamohoalii. Pan is the Greek god of fishing.

Flower names make good fish names. Try Daisy, Rose, Lily or Tulip. Use movie-themed names, such as Jaws, Flipper, Nemo or Dory.

Name a fish for a physical trait, such as Slimy, Scales or Fins, or for a character trait, such as Happy or Speedy. Give a fish a name usually given to dogs or cats. Rover, Buddy, Fido or Fluffy are funny fish names. Whiskers is a great name for a catfish.

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