What Are Some Fun Dinosaur Names and Facts to Teach Children?

What Are Some Fun Dinosaur Names and Facts to Teach Children?

Some fun names of dinosaurs are Spinosaurus, Iguanodon, Triceratops and Allosaurus. Spinosaurus or spine lizard, lived in what is now North Africa nearly 100 million years ago. It gets its name from the huge spines that extended from its back, some of which were 5 feet long. Spinosaurus, one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs, was even larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and grew to lengths of 49 feet.

It usually walked on two legs, but it had the ability to crouch on four legs. Spinosaurus had a long, thin skull.

Iguanodon was a plant-eater that lived 125 million years ago. Experts believe that Iguanodon could run at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. It ran on two legs, but could also shift its moves easily from two legs to four. Iguanodon had three thick toes on its hind legs that were most likely padded to help it run. Iguanodon’s name means "iguana tooth."

Tirceratops, identified by the three horns on its face surrounded by a frill around its head, lived during the same Cretaceous Period with Tyrannosaurus Rex and needed its horns for protection. Triceratops fed on plants and had multiple rows of teeth used to crush and slice vegetation. Some Triceratops had as many as 800 teeth.

Allosaurus was a huge carnivore with large, sharp teeth used to hunt dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus. Its teeth had edges similar to a saw that helped it cut through meat and bones. It walked on two legs, with its head and body balanced by its long tail. Allosaurus grew up to 28 feet and weighed around 2.3 tons.