What Are Some Fun Chimpanzee Facts for Kids?


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Chimpanzees are classified as "great apes," and unlike monkeys, they have tail-less bodies and long, flexible arms. These intelligent creatures share roughly 98 percent of their DNA with humans, according to Save the Chimps. Chimpanzees are natural problem solvers and create tools for finding food, cleaning and hunting. For example, they make spears to kill prey, bang rocks to open nuts and use leaf stems to collect termites.

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What Are Some Fun Chimpanzee Facts for Kids?
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Chimpanzees live in 21 African countries, mainly inhabiting rain forests and other wooded environments. An alpha male dominates the social group for three to 10 years, using threatening displays, such as stomping and rustling branches, to intimidate fellow chimps, Chimp Haven states. Chimp communities may claim territories up to 150 square miles, and they work as a team by setting up patrols and foraging in neighboring territories.

Chimps form bonds by grooming one another. They run their fingers through a companion's hair to clear away dirt, clean wounds and remove parasites. Grooming sessions also provide opportunities to resolve conflicts and introduce babies to the group.

Similar to humans, chimps display a complex range of emotions and communicate through facial expressions and physical interaction, such as kissing, tickling and hugging. Many captive chimps have even learned to use American Sign Language to convey their thoughts. Yet, physical power is one major advantage they have over humans; chimpanzees are at least two times stronger than men, as posted on Save the Chimps' website.

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