What Are Some Fun Facts About Blue Jays to Teach Kids?

One fun fact about blue jays is that they are not really blue. The blue jay’s feathers lay in such a way that humans see a blue color when the light strikes them. They are also very common and live in many types of habitats, including city parks, suburbs and forests.

The jay bird is one of the most recognizable birds, with its coloration, its crest and its loud call. It is also a good mimic and can imitate musical instruments and even the calls of hawks. However, it can be stealthy when it needs to be, and it needs to be stealthy when tending to its own chicks or robbing another bird's nest. Its success is partially due to the fact that the blue jay eats nearly anything, including the eggs and nestlings of other birds. Other items on the blue jay’s menu include insects, mollusks, amphibians, small rodents and carrion. It also eats nuts, seeds, grain and acorns and happily eats from bird feeders.

The eggs of the blue jay are greenish, sometimes pale blue, or buff and spotted. The female usually lays four or five but up to seven eggs, and both parents incubated them. Both parents also feed the nestlings, who are ready to leave the nest after about three weeks.