What Are Some Fun Facts About Baby Animals?

What Are Some Fun Facts About Baby Animals?

Fun facts about baby animals include that puppies are born deaf, blind and toothless, as well as the fact that newborn koalas are born the size of a large jellybean. A baby giraffe is capable of walking within an hour of its birth.

Harp seals are born white but turn gray as they mature. Harp seal babies spend more time on land initially, but start preferring the water as they get older.

Kittens are not good at regulating their body temperatures, so they crawl over each other and sleep in piles with their siblings to stay warm. Kittens are born with closed ear canals and eyes. They begin to see and hear at around 10 to 21 days of age.

A puppy doubles its body weight within the first few weeks of birth, sometimes gaining 10 to 15 percent of its birth weight each day. Newborn puppies cannot defecate without the aid of their mother. The mother dog licks the anus of the puppy to stimulate its bowel movements until it can manage on its own at around three or four weeks of age.

Langur monkey babies are born with orange fur while their parents have black fur. This helps langur parents keep track of their babies so they can protect them from harm.