What are some fun facts about ants?


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Ants can hold objects that weigh more than 50 times their body mass with their jaws alone, have a mutual relationship with certain plants and take care of baby leafhoppers. Because some insects create sugary excretions called honeydew by eating plants, the ants take the young of these insects from plant to plant, protecting and caring for them, and then gather the honeydew for the colony.

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Ants have far more strength into proportion to their bodies than other insects or animals. This allows them to gather large amounts of food at a time. Ants not only have a symbiotic relationship with other insects by caring for the young in exchange for honeydew, but they also have this relationship with some types of plants such as myrmecophytes. These plants offer ants shelter and sugary secretions. In return, the ants defend the plant from mammals and insects seeking to feed on it.

Ants are small, but numerous, equaling the entire biomass of the human population. There are about 1.5 million ants per every human on earth. They are especially prevalent in the Amazon rainforest where up to 3.5 million ants live in a single acre. Ants enslave other ant species, forcing them to work in the colony.

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