Are Frogs Nocturnal?

frogs-nocturnal Credit: Adriana Varela Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Most frogs are nocturnal, such as the leopard frog and American green tree frog; however, there are species that prefer daytime living, such as dart frogs. Each species is adapted to its preferred diet and environment, according to Sophisticated Edge.

Insects and worms, a nocturnal frog's prey, are easier to catch at night. Nocturnal frogs avoid predators while sleeping with camouflage or bizarre physical features, such as the bulging eyes of the red-eyed tree frog. When startled awake, the frog's brilliant red eye color creates a ghost image, which facilitates escape. Diurnal, or daytime frogs, use vibrant, startling coloration and sometimes poison to warn off predators.