Are frogs mammals?


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Frogs are not mammals; they are amphibians. Frogs are cold-blooded creatures that adapt easily to different environments. The creatures reportedly account for over 85 percent of all amphibians in the world.

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The tailless amphibians date back over 250 million years, and there have been over 4,800 different species identified as of 2014. Frogs live in an array of environments, including in bodies of water, underground, in trees, and on dry land. The amphibians are typically carnivorous, but some omnivorous types exist around the world. Frogs feed on small invertebrates or fruits, and they are prone to a large array of predators, including humans. In some cultures, frogs are considered a delicacy and are hunted.

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    A: Most frogs are nocturnal, such as the leopard frog and American green tree frog; however, there are species that prefer daytime living, such as dart frogs.... Full Answer >
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    How many eggs do frogs lay?

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