What Do Frogs Look Like?

Frogs look like tailless, hairless animals with long hind legs, bulging eyes located near the top of their heads, and short, stocky bodies. Toads are actually a subgroup of frogs, adapted for life on dry land.

Frogs are one of the three major divisions of amphibians. The other two groups are the worm-like, legless caecilians, and the lizard-like newts and salamanders. Like other amphibians, frogs mostly live in or near water. Toads are frogs that have rough, dry skin, an adaptation to life on land.

Adult frogs almost always lack a tail. In fact, the scientific name for frogs, Anura, means tailless. The only ones that do have tails at maturity are the frogs in the group Ascaphus.

Frogs also have long hind legs that allow them to hop and leap. Their spines and legs are rather unusual and are seemingly adapted for this kind of locomotion. For example, frogs have fewer bones in their spine than other amphibians and have very long bones in their ankles.