How Do Frogs Eat?


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Frogs eat by completely swallowing their prey without chewing. These animals possess maxillary teeth on the edges of their upper jaws that are primarily used for securely holding their prey prior to ingestion.

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Generally, frogs are carnivorous predators that prefer consuming live prey such as bugs and worms. These amphibians are characterized by their long, sticky tongues that quickly dart in and out of their mouths to snatch insects.

Frogs do not use their teeth to break down food into smaller pieces. Instead, these nocturnal hunters clamp their small row of front teeth onto the prey to prevent it from escaping before swallowing it. A second set of teeth called vomerine teeth located on the roofs of their mouths also allows the amphibians to further hold their prey effectively. Frogs then use their eyes to propel the food down their throats.

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