How do frogs adapt to their environment?


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Frogs adapt to their environments by evolving camouflage color patterns, shifting their activity patterns and inhabiting damp microhabitats. Frogs are hunted by a variety of predators, and their cryptic coloration helps them to avoid predators. These water-dependent creatures often inhabit dry land, but they must be sure they do not dehydrate when away from water. Frogs do this by digging tunnels or living in tree hollows.

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Frogs often bear colors and patterns that render them nearly invisible in their natural habitats. For example, green tree frogs that live among the bright green leaves of trees perfectly resemble leaves when they are resting. Likewise, toads that hop along the sandy ground often bear brown, red and grey tones that make them blend in with the substrate.

While many frogs live in the trees or on dry ground, they must avoid dehydration to survive. Some frogs remain underground during the hottest parts of the day and only become active under the cool, damp conditions of the evening. Other frogs, such as spade foot toads, dig burrows that remain cool and damp all day and night. Spade foot toads reside by these burrows for most of their lives, eagerly eating insects that travel too close.

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